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Monday, August 15, 2011

Key Battleground States: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina

Fellow Patriots. After Ron Paul's great less than 200 vote victory to neocon Michelle Bachmann the media are ignoring him with great will and commitment. They understand that Ron Paul is not the establishment and not the status quo. Big government Rick Perry is the key front runner while Bachmann is still riding the Iowa Straw Poll 'great victory' despite winning by less than 1 percent of the vote. Mitt Romney is still out there who tops all of the national polls.

Our focus must be to hit key battle ground states. The Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire primary is truthfully make it or break it time.

If you live in Iowa or New Hampshire do all you can to get and make signs and organize rallies to locations where there is heavy traffic and people. Especially in these two small towns states its crucial to spread out from your own city or town to the country area to put out signs.

The battle for the future of our Republic is now and we must take immediate action!

Web Graphics Design Volunteer Needed

I want to replace my blog title at the top of the page with a great graphic banner. I have no experience or software to design any title banner so please volunteer your design and send it to  Please include the text: "Ron Paul Sign Bomb".

Just Launched!

Ron Paul Sign Bomb is open!

Featured will be videos and photos of the grassroots of user submitted material planting yard signs, showing off their car bumper sticker, and taking to the streets with signs. In addition take a picture of yourself when your out on the town with your Ron Paul gear.

Our goal is to let everyone know that Ron Paul is our candidate and that the more visible he is through signs and street actions lets people know that Ron Paul is at the top and sets into their heads that he is winable. Its not just about education but making people aware that Dr. Paul is a popular candidate through proactive works within your own community. Step up to the plate and take action and submit your good times

Submit pictures and videos to Please also include where you are at though its not required but recommended.